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With our brands FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT and FRIDURIT, we are the technology and market leader in ceramic materials of the 21st century.

Our Ceramic Division is specialized in high-performance ceramics – this material is used in all applications where metal and plastic reach their limits. Our special ceramics are extraordinarily resistant to heat, corrosion and chemical agents, as well as extremely dimensionally stable and wear-resistant.

Thanks to their unique properties, our ceramic products are today used in high-tech industries, the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering as well as laboratory and environmental engineering.

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT oxide ceramics are integral part i.e. of X-ray image intensifiers, pressure sensor diaphragms, bottling plants, oxygen sensors, and high-pressure pumps.

Under the FRIDURIT brand, laboratory benchtops and sinks made of technical ceramics as well as fume scrubbers and neutralization units are developed, produced and marketed. We are permanently improving our high-performance materials to develop materials which are environmentally compatible and fully recyclable.


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FRIATEC to operate Europe’s first commercial fuel cell power plant in the megawatt class January 26, 2017 - Europe’s first megawatt industrial fuel cell power plant officially in operation Virtually emissions-free: an innovative decentralised solution provides FRIATEC AG in Mannheim with clean energy Energy history in the making in Mannheim: The first European fuel cell of megawatt size is now operating there. Contrary to conventional power plants, this energy solution delivers heat and […]
Aliaxis launches a new High-Performance Ceramic material Mg-PSZ (ZrO2) DEGUSSIT ZR25 January 26, 2017 - Zirkoniumoxid är känd för sin höga mekaniska hållfasthet och en Youngs modul likvärdig med stål. Nu finns det något helt annat i Aliaxis materialsortiment: förutom utmärkta mekaniska egenskaper, har zirkoniumoxid en mycket hög smältpunkt.
ALIAXIS PRESENTERAR AVANCERADE KERAMISKA PRODUKTER PÅ PROCESSTEKNIKMÄSSAN I GÖTEBORG September 30, 2016 - Aliaxis Utilities & Industry är tillsammans med koncernbolaget FRIATEC AG i Mannheim, en av de ledande tillverkarna av keramiska produkter för processteknik. På årets Processteknikmässa i Göteborg i monter D07:29, hall D den 4 – 6 oktober presenterar Aliaxis sina produkter och det senaste inom keramvärlden. Med den nya och ljusa monterdesignen profilerar Aliaxis även […]