Slide blocks made of high-performance ceramics

Slide blocks for furnace construction

Slide blocks made of DEGUSSIT AL24 are excellently suited for use in processes at extreme temperatures. Superior sliding properties and optimum hot bending strength facilitate economical and reproducible manufacturing processes. The ceramic slide blocks are used at temperatures up to 1850 °C in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Due to the high level of material purity, there is no contamination of the furnace charge. Furthermore, our optimum range of production facilities means there are virtually no limits in terms of dimensions.


  • Furnace construction
  • Processes at temperatures up to 1850 °C, e.g. for the manufacture of fuel elements, magnets, MIM components, etc.
Gleitsteine Slide blocks for furnace construction
Material: Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) DEGUSSIT AL24