Built-in fume scrubbers

FRIDURIT fume scrubbers have been specially designed for laboratory fume cupboards and are therefore kept as compact as possible. They are usually fitted directly on top of or next to the fume cupboard and can therefore be installed in existing extraction systems without difficulty.

FRIDURIT fume scrubbers absorb aggressive and toxic gases and vapours, such as perchloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulphuric acid, hydrogen chloride and nitric acid and the vapours of such mixtures as aqua regia immediately after they are formed. They thus make an active contribution to the reduction of atmospheric pollution.

Characteristics of FRIDURIT fume scrubbers:

  • Fully-automatic waste air wash based on advanced technology
  • Time-based scrubbing fluid replacement or after exceeding a preset level of harmful substances in the scrubbing fluid
  • Exhaust air purification with fresh water, alkalization of the washing water if possible
  • High absorption efficiency but economical operation
  • Supply ready for use and flexible accessories reduce mounting work
  • Low-service design minimizes standstill periods and expenses