Flexible fume scrubber

The FRIDURIT fume scrubber C20 has been specially designed for decentralised washing of harmful substances for precise extraction directly at source. It is equipped with an integrated fan and can be placed anywhere in the laboratory, e.g. on the worktop, the floor or where the installation of a built-in fume scrubbers is not possible due to shortage of space. Please refrain from installing the fume scrubber C20 inside fume hoods.

Characteristics of the FRIDURIT fume scrubber C20:

  • Low investment, operating and maintenance costs
  • No modification and installation costs
  • Easy installation
  • Light and space-saving
  • Flexible use, e.g. on carts
  • Emptying with pump
  • Easy handling
  • High absorption efficiency
  • Sophisticated, reliable technology
  • Service-friendly