Other customized parts

Within the industry for example chemical and process industry, offshore & subsea and food & drug industry there is often a need for a cerCorrosion-protection components
amic solution. We produce and supply custom made ceramic components or ceramic-to-metal assemblies. Send a drawing or specification and we will develop and / or produce the optimal ceramic solution for you. In many applications our ceramics today are implemented with great success. In comparison with other materials for example acid-resistant or hard chromium-plated steel, the ceramic high-performance FRIALT-DEGUSSIT ceramic materials offers unique advantages such as:

  •  Excellent resistance to chemical attacks
  • High hardness and resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Very good thermal properties
  • Highly suitable for harsh environment applications
  • Certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA )
  • Easy to clean (CIP, SIP)
  • Highest precision
  • Low specific gravity (approx. half the gravity comparing to steel)

These characteristics give longer lifetime with decreasing maintenance costs and fewer stops.

We offer you: