High-pressure pistons made of Technical Ceramics

Ceramic high-pressure pistons for reliable conveyance of media

Pistons made of FRIALIT F99.7, FRIALIT FZT or FRIALIT FZM ceramics are used to convey media ranging from liquid to high-viscosity substances. The ceramic high-performance pistons are also exceptionally well-suited for extreme-pressure applications, such as water-jet cutting. High resistance to wear and optimum sliding properties ensure a long operational lifetime.

We supply suitable materials in the required dimensions for all individual applications.

Hochdruckkolben_2 High-pressure piston
Material: Zirconium Oxide (Mg-PSZ) FRIALIT FZM or Aluminium Oxide (ZTA) FRIALIT FZT or Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) FRIALIT F99.7