Ceramic precision balls

FRIALIT®- precision balls are non-magnetic and are particularly characterized by;

  • High corrosion resistance against chemical attack from organic and inorganic substances
  • High hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Low specific gravity
  • Highly suitable for applications in the chemical-, pharmaceutical and food processing industry
  • Certified by FDA

The precision balls are mainly produced with an isostatic dry pressing process.
Isostatic pressed parts have a completely homogeneous density and are non-porous.

FRIALIT F 99,7 is characterized by a very fine grain size allowing a mirror-like surface finish. Thereby, the friction coefficient can be reduced to very low values.

Balls made of FRIALIT F99,7 have a specific gravity of 3,9 – 3,95 g/cm3, which is less than half of the specific gravity of steel and less than a quarter of the specific gravity of hard metal. A low specific gravity produces a much faster reaction in hydraulic systems, for instance in high sensitive valves and furthermore it demands lower effect.