Valve components

For liquids and high-viscosity products, including non-homogenous fluids containing particles and crystals, ceramics are used to great advantage in for instance valves (ball, seat, etc.), piston pumps (piston and cylinder), etc. In comparison with other materials, for instance acid-resistant or chrome plated steel, the FRIALIT materials offer considerable advantages such as:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High resistance to wear and tear with abrasive media
  • Shape stability due to a high modulus of elasticity (E-Module) and low thermal expansion
  • Inert, ideal for use with food and pharmaceutical products
  • FDA approval (Food & Drug Administration, USA)
  • Easy to clean (CIP, SIP)
  • High precision, sealing rings not required
  • Low specific weight (approx. half compared with steel)

This results in long operating times with short maintenance and operational stoppages.