We are able to complement our well-known, high-performance ceramic FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT materials with high-quality microwave ceramics and ferrites from our German cooperation partner AFT Microwave GmbH, Backnang:

Microwave ferrites:

  • Spinels: 4pMS up to 5,000 Gauss; Ni-Zn, Mg-Mn, Li-Ferrites, losses
  • Garnets: low loss – high efficiency; Al-YIG, Al-Gd, Al-In, Ca-V-In YIG
  • Dielectric ferrite composites: Single and/or double toroidal formats for phase converters

Dielectric ceramic materials:

  • Bulk & thin film: Ca-Mg-TiO3, Al2O3-TiO2
  • Plastic: Dielectric titanium-filled (TiO4) polymers with high density, low losses and e = 3 to 20
  • Dielectric resonators: different materials with customised frequencies and measurements

Materials are manufactured according to customer specifications or to standard measurements:
Discs: diameter = 2 to 50 mm; height =0.25 till 25 mm
Triangles: measurements = 5 to 38 mm, height=0.25 to 25 mm
Substrate: 1” ×  1” × 10 mil to 40 mil, 1” ×  2” × 10 mil to 40 mil, 2” ×  2” × 10 mil to 40 mil

Thin film technology:

We primarily manufacture thin film technology according to customer layout. Complicated outer and inner geometries such as metallised holes are produced without difficulty. We specialise in:

Gold technology:

  • TaN resistors
  • Gold as conductor structure
  • Multilayer systems with Pd
  • Simpler soldering process

Copper technology:

  • NiCr resistors
  • Copper as conductor structure
  • Air bridges with Ni
  • Can be soldered with Pb iron

The products are manufactured by AFT Microwave GmbH, Backnang, which has been involved in ceramic production and thin film technology since 1959.

Kyocera Fineceramics Nordics AB in Spånga offers technical advice, sales and distribution of AFT’s product program in the Nordic Countries.