Ferrite-based components

From milliwatt to megawatt: Our technology fulfills tasks in the complete range.

As pioneers of microwave technology we have been developing and producing ferrite-based non-reciprocal microwave components for more than 40 years. The core of these components consists of a statically pre-magnetised microwave ferrite.

We dispose of a specialist long-term competence in the development of high quality microwave ferrites. On this basis we are able to realize circulators, insulators, phase shifters and fast ferrite tuners as well as resulting sub-systems with constant efficiency and low losses.

Ferrite absorbers for high microwave power complete our range.  Contrary to the non-reciprocal components with low attenuation these robust components take advantage from specially chosen lossy ferrites.

The range of our ferrite-based components includes frequencies from 30 Mhz to 30 Ghz and acts in an area from milliwatt to megawatt pulse and permanent bar efficiency. This enables comprehensive handling of project-specific demands and ensures the permanent and high quality of our solutions.

Circulators / Insulators

Microwave circulators by AFT excel by two essential performance characteristics. They cause small insert losses and offer a high insulation.


At AFT microwave highest performance is that what counts. We adequately
adapt this demand to our high-quality products.

Phase shifter

Especially for high performances ferrites are outstanding as functional
material for electronically controlled phase shifters, since they react in
an extremely low-loss way.

Fast Ferrite Tuners / I-Q-modulators

At AFT we define the notion “Fast Ferrite Tuner” (FFT) as an electronically controllable reflection phase shifter and inductive stub lines made of ferrite filled waveguide structures.