Ferrites and Dielectrics

We guarantee first-class material and accurate workmanship

Diverse_Fertigteile_ Ferrites
As a pioneer in the production of low-loss non-reciprocal microwave components, we use only high-quality carefully-chosen raw materials for our ferrite manufacturing. The entire operation, from raw oxide powder processing to sintering, to cutting and grinding is in-house. We therefore have full control of all stages of the process and there is no dependence on outside ssuppliers.Our garnets and spinels enable a wide choice of crystal structure and material compositions. We adjust the compositions to obtain the electrical and magnetic properties required for different projects.Our development team takes full advantage of this flexibility. Ferrite compositions are chosen to suit the frequency, bandwith, losses, power capability and operating temperature requirements of customer specifications.AFT ferrites are produced as high-density polycrystalline magnetic ceramics. Careful quality control ensures reproducibility of our many ferrite materials.
Dielektrika_ Dielectrics
Low-loss dielectric materials are included in our in-house ceramic materials program. We produce high-quality dielectrics, such as Al2O3, TiO2, CaMgTiO3 and other ceramics. Material properties, such as dielectric constant, loss factor and thermal parameters are closely controlled by our quality control methods.

Ceramic processing
Our modern ceramics production line allows highly-precise processing of ferrite and dielectric ceramics. We process ceramics in nearly any shape, from cylindrical resonators to thin film substrates with the highest surface quality.

The special AFT combination of high-quality and precise processing ensures optimum performance of the products that use these ceramic materials.