Further Development of the GVSO:
The safe pumping solution for high-pressure and high-temperature applications

Our submersible chemical pump GVSO is used for pumping aggressive, hot and contaminated media. The vertical pump enables safe pumping of acids and alkalis in any concentration and temperature range. The most important applications include the pumping of molten sulphur in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as hot molten salt in solar thermal tower power plants, where the GVSO has successfully proven itself for several decades.
In order to meet the increasing future needs in these areas of application, we have further developed our GVSO range of pumps: the new multistage vertical high pressure pump design enables flexible immersion depth adjustment for flow rates of over 1,000 m3/h at temperatures of up to 600o C with a pressure requirement of 64 bar. The delivery head was increased by 150 m, so that the GVSO now achieves a delivery head of 320 m.
The new design combines the reliable advantages of the previous GVSO, such as flexibility, safety, long service life and ease of maintenance, with the future market requirements and thus assumes a pioneering position in high pressure and high temperature applications.